Harbortouch Point of Sale Program for Your Restaurant

If you are the owner of a new or existing restaurant, then Credit Card Processing Services has the best merchant account program in the industry for you. CCPS has put together an outstanding full service credit card processing program that includes a free Harbortouch Elite Point of Sale (POS) system with integrated credit card and gift card processing. There is absolutely no upfront cost at all for the hardware, software, setup or training. It is yours to keep and use for as long as you process with us and will be replaced at no charge should it ever fail. The only charge you will have for this full featured touch-screen POS and included peripherals is a very low and reasonable $69.00 per month per station fee that covers all of the hardware, menu build or database upload, in-person setup, installation and training, plus replacement for malfunctioning equipment in the future plus a $20.00 per month per station fee that covers 24/7 toll-free U.S based tech support, in-person support when necessary, all of the software, and software upgrades.

Harbortouch Hospitality is the perfect tool to help you efficiently manage your business. It is ideal for bars and all types of restaurants, including quick service, table service and casual dining establishments. Our Point of Sale (POS) system will enhance your payment processing and can accommodate all of your operational needs as well. No matter whether you are an independent restaurateur with one location or a regional or national chain with hundreds of outlets the Harbortouch Elite POS is a great solution.

Harbortouch Hospitality will simplify the way you manage your business by combining multiple operations into one easy-to-use application. In addition to integrated payment processing, Harbortouch will effectively manage your inventory and reduce losses from product shrinkage in addition to providing useful tools such as table tracking, a graphical table map, customized menus, automatic order routing to the kitchen and multiple time keeping features. Easy-to-use software combines with an intuitive design and touch-screen interface to enable fast, accurate service while virtually eliminating training time. This solution will allow you to prepare orders more quickly, serve customers faster and reduce the time you spend on day to day office management.

What is included

  1. Micro PC – Atom 1.8 GHz dual core processor with 1GB DDR3 RAM
  2. Touch-Screen Monitor – 15” High Clarity – with Mag-Stripe Reader
  3. Thermal Receipt Printer – Heavy Duty and 9 Feet per Second Printing
  4. Cash Drawer
  5. Installation including the Standard Cat5 Wiring / Cable Drop (Extensive wiring at a nominal charge)
  6. Setup and Training
  7. All Software, the Interactive Merchant System, Harbortouch Reservations, and The Lighthouse.

Hospitality Reports

The Harbortouch POS provides a variety of detailed reports in order to assist you in better managing your business including:

  • Financial Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Discounts, Voids and Refunds
  • Charge Accounts
  • Hourly Store Productivity
  • Labor Analysis and Time Clock Punch History
  • Employee Pay and Tip Reports
  • Plus many more useful reports intended to save you time and money
  • Please view our reports page for a full list of current reports

Work easWork easily with Microsoft Office Suite and Other Software Solutions

Manage report information efficiently across applications and formats

  • Exchanges information between Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, including sales, purchase orders and vendor data
  • Shares reporting information with other programs, accountants and suppliers in formats that include Microsoft Office Excel, text, HTML, XML, or e-mail
  • Exchanges sales data and inventory receipts with Intuit QuickBooks®

Comparison to other Popular POS Systems

If you already own or are looking to purchase a POS from a company such as Micros, Aloha, Digital Dining, Squirrel, Clover, Square, Touch Pro, Microsoft Dynamics, or Microsoft RMS (all fine companies I might add) then please take a good hard look at our free Harbortouch POS versus what they have to offer. You will find that ours has the same plus more features at a cost which is typically tens of thousands of dollars less with no $150.00 per hour for service calls, no extra charges for weekend support, no several thousand dollar PCI upgrade or software charges, and no extra transaction fees for using a third party gateway to transmit your credit card transactions.

A typical POS system from them runs in the $5000 – $7000 range to purchase or lease per station so a restaurant requiring 4 stations would pay between $20,000 and $28,000. On top of that you would then sign up for their annual service agreement which is typically 10% of the purchase price so you are looking at an additional $2,000 to $2,800 every year. In addition, some charge hefty installation and training fees and extra charges for weekend service, if you can reach them at all, when Murphy usually casts his magic spell. With Harbortouch we provide the equipment to you at no charge and then you only pay a reasonable monthly service agreement fee of $69.00 per station. So for the same 4 stations your monthly charge would be just $276.00 keeping approximately $25,000 in your wallet.

Without getting too technical here are the major differences in the hardware that you will receive for free from us:

  1. The CPU running your POS system is housed in an incredibly small package that is built into the heavy duty cast aluminum housing in order to save precious counter space and boasts a lightning fast Atom 1.8 GHz dual core processor with 1GB DDR3 RAM which is large enough to support the largest menu or database. This blows away all of the other major POS systems in the industry who still use single core processors with much less power in standard PC cabinets.
  2. The high quality 15” full color touch-screen monitor uses superior 5-wire touch-screen technology while most competitors are using 4-wire screens. Although that may not seem like much of a difference please consider this: the life expectancy of a 4-wire monitor is 3 million touches while a 5-wire monitor’s expected life is an astounding 35 million touches which is a life expectancy of almost 12 times longer than the competition. The 1024 x 768 resolution, a contrast ratio of 600:1 and 250 cs/m2 brightness means your screen will look crystal clear in any lighting. All connecting cables can be hidden inside the stand for maximum aesthetic appeal and the unit is sealed to resist water, oil, acids, dirt and other foreign particles. Each Harbortouch POS system is also capable of withstanding extreme heat and humidity.
  3. Each printer that you will receive as part of your free Harbortouch POS system is a heavy duty solid thermal printer that uses full size paper rolls available from all paper suppliers. It prints at an amazing 9 inches (not nine lines) per second and has built –in protection from overheating and has been tested with a life expectancy of over 62 miles of printed receipt tape. That’s equivalent of your receipts going from Philly to NYC! Many other resellers use much cheaper or refurbished printers knowing that this is the item that breaks the most so it becomes very profitable for them to sell you new printers. Since we offer lifetime replacement coverage it is in our best interest that you have the most reliable printer possible from day one.

Harbortouch Tableside

Harbortouch Tableside enables servers to input orders directly at the tableside via an Apple iPad®*. The orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency. It also increases service speed and table turns, as well as, offer a unique and impressive dining experience.

Every Harbortouch POS merchant with the Hospitality software and Lighthouse version 3.0 or higher is able to instantly take advantage of this feature. All that is needed is for you to purchase one or more iPad (except the original iPad), iPad2, iPad Mini, or more recent versions. No data service plan from any carrier is required. Then simply log onto the Apple iTunes App Store and download the free Harbortouch Tableside app. Once loaded you will simply enter in your Merchant ID and your Harbortouch Password and instantly your POS ordering database will load onto the iPad. Your servers will be able to perform all of the same functions, excluding payment, that they would normally do at the server station.

Another benefit of Harbortouch Tableside is that on busy nights you can take drink and appetizer orders from patrons waiting in the lobby area and then transfer those purchases to their regular order once they are seated. If you have a deck or patio, then it is easy to carry the iPad outside for taking orders rather than having to run inside to the POS station. It would also be beneficial if you have drive up business as a server can take orders in the parking lot, fire the order off to the kitchen, and let the customer know a time to return. Busy moms and dads would certainly appreciate not having to wait around while the order is being prepared. It is like adding free extra tables right outside your door.

The cost of Harbortouch Tableside is extremely reasonable. The licensing fee is only $19.95 per month for the first iPad downloaded and $14.95 per month for each additional one. The first 30 days is free and it is a month to month agreement so if for any reason the program is not right for you then there is no obligation to continue.

Apple and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

Harbortouch Reservations

Harbortouch Reservations enables restaurants to manage all incoming reservations directly through the Harbortouch POS system or via Apple iPad.

This feature allows you to accept reservations online or manually enter the reservations at the point of sale and track them all in one place with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The setup process utilizes a simple drag and drop format so getting started is a snap. Upon setting up your reservation module, you will be provided with a unique URL for customers to make reservations online.

Similar online reservation systems cost hundreds of dollars a month, but Harbortouch Reservations is yours free of charge with a Harbortouch elite POS system!

Harbortouch Reservations includes the following valuable features:

  • Drag and drop setup process makes creating your table layout a snap.
  • Organize upcoming reservations in the monthly calendar or view a specific night in detail.
  • Easy to add new reservations and see who is currently waiting for a table.
  • Text message alerts notify restaurant patrons when their table is ready.
  • Build a customer database for marketing and loyalty programs.

Harbortouch Graphical Table Mapping

Included within the Harbortouch Reservations module is the very useful Table mapping. You can assign reservations or walk in patrons to a specific table and the system notifies you which tables are taken and which are available.

Harbortouch – The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a management and reporting tool that communicates information between your POS system and our online reporting tool, Harbortouch Online. It eliminates the need for a back-office PC by allowing you to access the information on your POS system from any computer with an Internet connection, whether it be in your back office, from your home office, a laptop while on vacation while on a cruise! Not only can you view activity in real-time but you can update menu items and change prices on the fly from wherever you are. This is a major plus as one of our leading competitors only allows you to do this from your back office and it requires you to shut down and then reboot your entire POS system. Please read more about the features from The Lighthouse link at the top of this page.

Merchant Account Pricing

Now that you know about the outstanding features of our free POS program you are probably thinking that the merchant account pricing must be priced higher to make up the cost. Nothing is further from the truth as Credit Card Processing Services has designed our rates to be among the lowest in the industry. Credit Card Processing Services can assist you in applying to accept all of the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as Debit cards and gift cards.

Pricing Option A – Tiered Pricing

MasterCard & Visa Check / Debit Cards0.79 % + .30 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Card Rate (Qualified Swiped)1.69 % + .20 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Rate (Mid-Qualified – Rewards Cards)2.59 % + .20 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Rate (Non-Qualified – Business Cards)2.99 % + .20 per Transaction
Monthly Minimum (Equates to Approx. $1500 in Sales)$25.00
Monthly Statement Fee$7.50
American Express Transaction Fee15 Cents
Discover Card (Same Pricing as MasterCard & Visa)Included
Application FeeNone
Setup FeeNone
Annual FeeNone
Harbortouch Elite POS System 24/7 Support$89.00 per Station per Month

Pricing Option B – Interchange Plus Pricing

If you prefer, rather than place you on a tiered rate as above we can instead price you on what is called an Interchange Plus or Cost Plus program. Here is that pricing for MasterCard, Visa, and Discover:

Exact MasterCard and Visa Interchange Plus Dues and Assessments plus Access FeesCost Plus 25 Basis Points plus 10 Cents

Please note that current Interchange Rates are publicly posted online at www.visa.com and www.mastercard.com.

Pricing Option C – Special Pricing

Finally, it is our goal that every single credit worthy merchant in the U.S. that wants to acquire a free Harbortouch POS from us is able to do so without paying more in credit card processing rates than they already are from their current processor. So if you fax your latest merchant statement to us at 215-489-7880 we will agree to match or beat your current rate and provide you with the free Harbortouch POS. If you have a current quote from another POS dealer in writing then fax it to us and again we will meet or beat it.

Now that you are familiar with our free POS program we would like to speak with you concerning your specific requirements. Please contact Kevin via email, call us toll-free at 800-717-1245 or complete the Request Info form. When ready to sign up please complete the Apply Now form at the top of this page.