Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows merchants to use their Authorize.Net account to securely accept and process in-app payments from customers with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple Pay uses the Visa Token Service and similar tokenization solutions developed by MasterCard and American Express.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment solution that replaces sensitive payment information with a digital account number or “token,” which is passed in place of the actual card number, helping to make payments more secure.

Additional benefits include:

  • A fast, secure in-app purchase experience that eliminates the need to enter credit card information during checkout.
  • New growth opportunities that opens merchants’ businesses to the millions of Apple users that have purchased the iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus, and future models
  • Unified reporting means that all of the merchants’ Authorize.Net transactions – online, mobile, in-app and more – are all in one place.

Signing Up for Apple Pay

There are two steps required to sign up for Apple Pay with Authorize.Net.

  1. Enable the service in the Merchant Interface.
  2. Generate a CSR file to upload to Apple using included instructions.

Once the steps above have been completed you will need to have your developer or solution provider update your iOS app. We have a developer guide available to assist.