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An Outstanding Credit Card Processing Program For Business to Business And Business to Government Merchants

The business world has changed the way it conducts business. Where in the past companies and government agencies worked exclusively with purchase orders and invoices, today more and more want their vendors to accept their regular credit cards or their purchasing (procurement) cards.

Across the country many of the Fortune 500 and smaller companies are looking for new ways to eliminate paperwork and lower the cost of processing small dollar purchases, from paper clips to computers. Many of them have found that the answer is providing their employees and purchasing departments with MasterCard or Visa purchasing cards. This year American businesses and government will spend over $500 billion purchasing small items and services. They are also developing preferred vendor lists which consist of those companies’ setup to accept their credit cards. Don’t allow your business to lose out on your share of this business.

If your business sells to the government, whether federal, state, or local then you probably know that they want to pay you in a whole new way. The federal government may have asked you to accept their “GSA SmartPay” card which was formerly called the I.M.P.A.C. which stood for International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card. Since the end of 1999 it has been mandated by federal law that all federal agency small purchases (typically under $2,500 but often under $10,000) be purchased via the GSA SmartPay rather than via purchase order. There are currently over 250,000 IMPAC/SmartPay cards issued to government employees, accounting for over $3.5 billion in purchases over the past year. Government agencies are choosing to work with strategic suppliers, both large and small, who understand the advantages of doing business electronically. This helps reduce the cost and time involved in invoice preparation, government paperwork, and the effort involved in tracking down late payments. Is your company prepared to meet this challenge?

Credit Card Processing Services is ready to assist you in accepting these cards. We have designed an excellent cost effective program for Business to Business and Business to Government merchants. Most banks and processors consider this business in a risky category. Instead, CCPS recognizes that in fact this is good solid business. Therefore, our Business to Business Program is the most attractive in the industry. It features attractive discount rates for 100% keyed transactions.

One of the requirements of accepting purchasing, procurement, or the GSA SmartPay card is that your terminal or software prompt for Level II (and in rare instances Level III) data. The program which Credit Card Processing Services will provide you with will automatically prompt for all of the required data.

What are the differences between Level I, Level II, and Level III data?

  • Level I – The standard financial information present on all credit card transactions including account number, expiration date, and amount of sale.
  • Level II – Represents sales tax paid and allows for the capture of a unique code to assist the cardholder to sort, reconcile and report transactions.
  • Level III – Represents line item information similar to what you might see on a cash register receipt. This information helps companies monitor and report on detail purchase behavior and can help ensure correct item quantity, unit price, shipping cost, and other item-specific information.

In addition, your program will prompt for Address Verification (AVS) data which includes the street address number (not name of street) and the zip code of the cardholder.

Processing Methods

We can set your account to process either using a VeriFone Vx520 that we will provide to you for free or set you up with the CCTerminal online gateway for just $12.00 per month


Interchange Plus PricingIC + 20 Basis Points + 10 Cents
Monthly Service Fee$7.50
Daily Batch Fee10 Cents
24/7 Toll-Free Tech SupportIncluded
Application FeeNone
Setup FeeNone
Annual FeeNone
PCI Compliance Fee Waived Entire First Year Thereafter$4.95/month
Termination Fee (Month to Month)None
Verifone Vx520 Credit Card TerminalFree Placement
CCTerminal Gateway$12.00 per Month & 12 Cents per Transaction
Equipment ShippingFree
Terminal TrainingIncluded

Now that you know about our excellent program for Business to Business merchants please feel free to complete the Request Info form, email Kevin at, or call us at 800-717-1245.