Sage Virtual Terminal

The Best Merchant Account Program that includes a Free Virtual Terminal

Credit Card Processing Services recognizes that there are tens of thousands of small merchants that would like to accept credit cards to increase their business, but because of minimal credit card volume they do not want to or cannot justify spending several hundred dollars to purchase or lease a credit card terminal or to pay expensive monthly fees for one of the brand name virtual terminal gateways.

Over the past twenty plus years we have received hundreds of requests from small merchants who just want to accept anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars in credit cards each month. So we decided to come up with what we believe is the best credit card program that instead of using a physical terminal uses a virtual terminal.

What type of merchant is our Free Virtual Terminal program best suited?

  • Merchants processing less than $2,500 per month
  • Merchants who process charges sporadically
  • Merchants who normally don’t have the ability to swipe a card through a terminal such as craft vendors, trades people, on the road sales, home-based businesses, and low volume low risk websites.

How does our Free Virtual Terminal program work?

Your business will accept credit cards from your customers in a manner appropriate for your type of business. This can either be via the Internet, over the phone, through the mail, or face-to-face using a manual imprinter (aka knucklebuster) while out in the field. You will then go to any computer and bring up the secure virtual terminal site using your user name and password which will take you to your merchant account screen. Here you will manually key in all of the relevant credit card data including the customer’s account number, expiration date, and dollar amount of the transaction. You will have the ability to perform Address Verification (AVS) by inputting in the customer’s street address and zip code as well as the 3 digit security code from the back of the credit card. Transactions are processed in real-time via the Internet in a matter of seconds and batches are settled automatically every day. Two to three business days later the funds arrive into your checking account. It couldn’t be simpler!

Is the Free Virtual Terminal really free – Yep!

Virtual Terminal SetupFree
Virtual Terminal Monthly FeeFree
Virtual Terminal Transaction FeeFree

What are the processing charges for our Free Virtual Terminal program?

MasterCard and Visa Rate*2.25 % + 25 Cents per Transaction
Monthly Statement Fee$10.00
Monthly Minimum$10.00
Application FeeNone
Annual FeeNone

* Above MasterCard & Visa rate is for manually keyed consumer cards with AVS.
* Business/Corporate and Rewards cards are billed at a slightly higher rate.
* CCPS can also assist you with setup for American Express and Discover.

Please tell me more about the Virtual Terminal

  • PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry Secure)
  • Feature Rich
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • 24/7/365 Live Support from Processor
  • Real-Time Transaction Data
  • Print a Variety of Useful Reports
  • Includes a Free Shopping Cart

How do I sign up?

Now that you know about our best terminal free virtual terminal program we hope that you will choose CCPS for your credit card processing services. Signing up is easy – just complete the Application Apply Online form to the left. If you have any questions please feel free to email Kevin at, by calling toll-free 800-717-1245, or completing the short Request Info form.