Multiple Check Guarantee

Specifically Designed for Businesses with High Ticket Purchases

Auto Dealers 

Repair Shops 

Home Furnishing Stores

Medical Offices 

Dental Offices 


Fine Art Dealers

Appliance Stores 

Furniture Stores

Many times a person would like to or must make a purchase that they simply cannot afford at that particular moment for a variety of reasons. It could be that they are between paychecks, their credit card in their wallet doesn’t have the required limit, or a medical emergency arrived that they were not prepared for financially. That doesn’t mean that your business or practice has to turn away this person empty handed. With the flexible CrossCheck multiple check guarantee program you can still make the sale or perform the procedure without the concern that you will not be paid. The customer has the option of taking home their purchase the same day without having to make repeat store visits. This means more profitable sales for you.

Here is how our Multiple Check Guarantee Program Works

Your customer writes 2 to 4 checks payable to your business name for goods purchased or services rendered all dated the same day. You will then log onto your online Merchant Portal using the user name and password provided to you by CrossCheck. The virtual calendar will pop up and allow you to select different dates agreed to by your customer to deposit each check up to 30 or 45 days in the future. Then on each of those dates you will deposit the appropriate check into your checking account. You can also get the approvals and setup the deposit dates with a CrossCheck phone operator 24/7.

What Happens if the Check Bounces?

Even though you received an approval on the check it is still possible that the check could be returned by your bank as NSF because the customer didn’t have the funds available at the time it was deposited. What you will then do is place the check in a pre-addressed envelope and mail it to CrossCheck. As long as you followed the proper authorization procedures when you accepted the check then CrossCheck will pay you the full face value of the check, up to your pre-approved per check limit within 30 days. It is that simple!

What are the costs of Multiple Check Guarantee:

Discount Rate – 1.99% for Most Business Types

Per Check – 20 Cents

Monthly Subscription Fee – $15.00

Monthly Minimum Fee – $25.00

Voice Authorization (If Needed) – Free

Training and Supplies – Free

Web Reporting – Free

If you are ready to sign up for this excellent program from CrossCheck then please complete the CrossCheck Preapp form below. We will then transfer the information that you provide to the original application paperwork and then email it to you for your signature. For more information please complete the Request Info form, email us at or call Kevin direct at 215-489-7878 or toll-free at 800-717-1245.